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Ways to Get The Car Shipped at a Cheap Auto Transport Cost

When you plan your move from one location to another or one state to another, you wish to get the car shipped at a cheap auto transport cost. For cheap auto transport, you should need to know about the ways that help you in shipping a vehicle cheap.

Flexible scheduling:

When you choose your moving company, you need to make a flexible schedule for the transport of your car. Moving companies are not like airline companies as they do not go on the same route daily. Carriers make their schedule depending on the freight demands. Trucker’s schedule also depends on weather conditions, traffic, road conditions. When you want to get a car shipped at a specific date, they need to leave some vehicles or change their planned schedule for you. Your fixed date increases the price moving. To save your money, they advise making a flexible schedule for transport vehicles that will give cheap auto shipping. So, when you want to ship a vehicle cheaply, you need to make a flexible schedule for transport.

Flexible scheduling

Vehicle condition:

Vehicle Condition

For cheap auto shipping, you need that your vehicle is in running condition. Non-running condition of your car increases the price of transport. For non-running cars, your dispatch truck’s driver needs extra effort and tools that increase shipping costs. For saving your money, your vehicle should be in running condition. With the running condition of your car, you can save hundreds of dollars and ship your vehicle cheap.

Packing of vehicle:

Vehicle moving companies have strict weight regulations that limit how much they can ship at a time. Before you pack your car, you need to consult with your chosen vehicle moving company. Some vehicle moving companies allow you to 150lbs worth of items for packing. If your packing increases the weight limit of vehicle moving companies, you need to pay extra for this.
For cheap auto transport, you do not need to pack your vehicle. If you need to pack, be sure that your vehicle moving company allows this or how much they charge.

Packing of your vehicle.

Offer to meet your carrier:

Offer to meet your carrier.

Vehicle moving carriers pick up vehicles from different locations. One truck’s driver can pick up 6 to 7 cars. Truck drivers pick up these vehicles from different places and drop them at some other places. Every mile is expensive for truck drivers because of the cost of tools and fuel. When you want to meet your carrier, your carrier needs to travel more, which increases the cost of fuel and tools. The cost of fuel and tools increases more if you live far from the highway.
For cheap auto transport, you should need to take care of this.

Choose us for cheap auto transport:

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