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Enclosed Car Transport

When it comes to the safe and secure transportation of your valuable vehicles, there’s no room for compromise. At AG Car Shipping, we understand the significance of your investment. That’s why we offer top-tier Enclosed Car Transport services that guarantee the ultimate protection for your automobiles. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of enclosed auto transport, discussing services, costs, quotes, and everything you need to know about safeguarding your prized possessions.

The Benefits of Enclosed Car Transport

Maximum Protection for Your Vehicle

Our Enclosed Car Transport Services are designed to shield your vehicle from all external elements. With an enclosed carrier, your car is completely enclosed, guarding it against adverse weather conditions, road debris, and potential damage.


Peace of Mind During Transit

Choosing enclosed shipping ensures peace of mind. Your vehicle will remain hidden from prying eyes, reducing the risk of theft and vandalism during transit. Your prized possession remains confidential.

The Benefits of Enclosed Car Transport


Maximum Protection for Your Vehicle

Our Enclosed Shipping Services are designed to shield your vehicle from all external elements. With an enclosed carrier, your car is completely enclosed, guarding it against adverse weather conditions, road debris, and potential damage.

Peace of Mind During Transit

Choosing enclosed shipping ensures peace of mind. Your vehicle will remain hidden from prying eyes, reducing the risk of theft and vandalism during transit. Your prized possession remains confidential.


Customized Transportation Solutions

AG Car Shipping offers a range of enclosed auto transport options to cater to your specific needs. Whether you're moving a classic car, a luxury vehicle, or a high-value sports car, our customized solutions guarantee a perfect fit for your requirements.

Understanding Enclosed Car Transport Costs

The cost of enclosed shipping depends on several factors, including:

  • Distance: The distance your vehicle needs to travel will impact the cost. Longer distances may incur higher costs.
  • Vehicle Type: The size and weight of your vehicle can affect the cost. Larger or heavier vehicles might require specialized equipment.
  • Urgency: If you need expedited delivery, this may come at an additional cost.
  • Season and Weather: Certain seasons or adverse weather conditions might affect transport costs.
  • Additional Services: Extra services like door-to-door delivery can increase the overall cost.

To get a precise estimate of your Enclosed Car Transport Cost, contact AG Car Shipping for a personalized quote.

Request Your Enclosed Auto Transport Quote

Getting a quote for your enclosed shipping is simple with AG Car Shipping. We prioritize transparency and competitive pricing. To obtain your Enclosed Auto Transport Quote, follow these steps:


Visit our website


Fill in the quote request form


Provide the necessary details, including your vehicle type and transport requirements


Our team will get back to you promptly with a customized quote tailored to your needs

Why Choose AG Car Shipping for Enclosed Car Transport

  • Unmatched Expertise: With years of experience, AG Car Shipping is a trusted name in enclosed shipping services.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: We utilize modern, well-maintained enclosed carriers to ensure the safety of your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Your vehicle is fully insured during transit, providing an extra layer of protection.
  • Professional Drivers: Our drivers are skilled and experienced in handling enclosed auto transport.

The Superiority of Enclosed Car Transport

24/7 Vehicle Monitoring

One of the key benefits of enclosed shipping is the constant monitoring of your vehicle. Our carriers are equipped with state-of-the-art tracking systems, providing real-time updates on your vehicle’s location and condition.

Protection Against Road Hazards

Enclosed transport shields your car from road hazards like debris, gravel, and even harsh road conditions. Your vehicle arrives in the same pristine condition as when it was loaded.

Understanding the Process

Vehicle Inspection

Before loading your vehicle, our team conducts a thorough inspection, documenting the condition of your car. This ensures that any pre-existing damage is well-documented for insurance purposes.

Loading and Securing

Your vehicle is carefully loaded onto the enclosed carrier and secured in place to prevent any movement during transit. We use soft ties and wheel nets to ensure your car remains in perfect condition.

Extra Services

Door-to-Door Delivery

For added convenience, AG Car Shipping offers door-to-door enclosed car transport. We pick up your vehicle from your location and deliver it right to your desired destination.

Expedited Shipping

If you require swift delivery, our expedited enclosed car transport service ensures your car reaches its destination promptly. Contact us for details on this service.

Maintaining Pristine Interiors

Protection from Dust and Debris

Enclosed car transport ensures that the interiors of your vehicle remain clean and dust-free during transit. This is especially important if you own a luxury or vintage car with sensitive upholstery.

Temperature and Climate Control

Our enclosed carriers often come equipped with climate control systems, maintaining a stable temperature for your vehicle. This is crucial for high-end cars with sensitive electronics and custom interiors.

Ensuring Confidentiality

Privacy During Transport

Enclosed car transport offers an extra layer of privacy. Your vehicle’s make and model remain confidential, reducing the chances of unwanted attention.

Ideal for High-Value Cars

If you own a high-value or exotic car, enclosed transport is the best choice. It conceals the identity of your vehicle, making it less susceptible to theft or unauthorized access.

Handling Specialty Vehicles

Classic Car Transport

For classic car enthusiasts, our enclosed car transport service is ideal. Your vintage beauty is safe from environmental damage and arrives in the condition you expect.

Exotic and Sports Car Transport

Enclosed shipping is the go-to choice for exotic and sports car owners. Protect your prized possession from the elements during transit.

Safe for Motorcycle Transport

Motorcycle Enclosed Transport

We’re not limited to enclosed shipping. Our enclosed carriers can also accommodate motorcycles, ensuring they remain safe and secure during transit.

Customized Motorcycle Solutions

Whether you have a single motorcycle or a collection of bikes, we can customize our enclosed transport to meet your specific needs.

Peace of Mind for Auto Dealers

Dealer-to-Dealer Transport

Auto dealers often rely on enclosed shipping to move their inventory. This keeps their vehicles in showroom condition, ready for customers.

Reliability and Reputation

AG Car Shipping is the preferred partner for many auto dealers. Our reliability and reputation are unmatched in the industry.

Meeting International Needs

International Enclosed Transport

For international shipping, enclosed transport ensures that your vehicle is protected throughout its journey, no matter the distance.

Compliance with Regulations

Our enclosed shipping complies with international regulations, ensuring a smooth and secure transit process.

Secure and Timely Delivery

On-Time Arrival

We understand the importance of timely delivery. Our team works diligently to ensure your vehicle reaches its destination as scheduled.

Secure Unloading

Upon arrival, your vehicle is carefully unloaded, and another inspection is conducted to ensure it’s in the same condition as when it was loaded.

The AG Car Shipping Difference

Transparent Pricing

At AG Car Shipping, we believe in transparent pricing. Your enclosed shipping quote includes all costs, so you won’t encounter any hidden fees.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We provide excellent customer support throughout the entire process, from booking to delivery.


In the world of vehicle transportation, choosing the right service provider is paramount. AG Car Shipping takes pride in offering top-notch Enclosed Car Transport Services that guarantee maximum protection for your valuable vehicles. Our competitive costs and personalized quotes ensure that you receive the best value for your investment. Contact us today to secure the safety and security of your automobiles during transit.
AG Car Shipping is your partner in ensuring your vehicles reach their destination in pristine condition. Trust us for your enclosed shipping needs.
By choosing AG Car Shipping, you’re choosing the best. Get your Enclosed Auto Transport Quote today, and experience the difference for yourself. Your vehicles deserve it.
Remember, when it comes to Enclosed shipping, choose AG Car Shipping for a worry-free, secure, and professional experience.


  • What is enclosed car transport, and why is it important for my vehicle?

Enclosed car transport is a service that involves transporting vehicles in fully enclosed carriers, providing maximum protection from environmental elements and potential damage during transit. It’s important for preserving the condition of high-value, classic, and exotic cars.

  • How does enclosed car transport differ from open transport?

Open transport involves shipping vehicles on open trailers, while enclosed transport uses sealed carriers. Enclosed transport provides superior protection and confidentiality, but it’s often more expensive.

  • What factors influence the cost of enclosed car transport?

The cost of enclosed shipping depends on factors like the distance, vehicle type, urgency, weather conditions, and additional services. The cost can vary significantly based on these variables.

  • Is enclosed car transport suitable for motorcycles?

Yes, enclosed car transport can also accommodate motorcycles. It’s a secure option for transporting bikes, providing protection from the elements and potential damage.

  • Is my vehicle insured during enclosed car transport?

Yes, your vehicle is fully insured during enclosed shipping. This insurance provides an additional layer of protection for your investment.

  • How can I obtain a personalized enclosed auto transport quote? 

To get an enclosed auto transport quote, visit AG Car Shipping’s website and complete the quote request form. Provide details about your vehicle and transport requirements, and their team will respond promptly with a customized quote. 

  • What’s the benefit of 24/7 vehicle monitoring during transport?

24/7 vehicle monitoring offers real-time updates on your vehicle’s location and condition, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that you stay informed about your car’s journey.

  • Why is confidentiality important during enclosed car transport? 

Confidentiality is essential for protecting your vehicle from theft and unauthorized access. This is especially valuable for high-value or exotic cars.

  • Can I use enclosed car transport for international shipping?

Yes, enclosed shipping is suitable for international shipping. It ensures the safety and security of your vehicle regardless of the distance it needs to travel.

  • Why should I choose AG Car Shipping for my enclosed car transport needs?

AG Car Shipping offers unmatched expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, transparent pricing, and exceptional customer service. Their commitment to professionalism and the safety of your vehicles makes them a trusted choice in the industry.

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