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When you’re planning to transport your RV, whether it’s for a long-distance move, a cross-country road trip, or any other reason, understanding the logistics and costs involved is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of RV Shipping, discuss the cost factors, explain how to get a quote, and introduce you to AG Car Shipping, your trusted RV Shipping Company.

Understanding RV Shipping

Recreational vehicle shipping involves transporting your cherished home on wheels from one location to another. It’s a service often used by RV owners who want to move their vehicles without driving them. This can be especially beneficial for long distances or when the RV is not roadworthy.

RV Shipping Cost Factors

RV Size and Weight

The size and weight of your RV play a significant role in determining the shipping cost. Larger and heavier RVs generally cost more to transport.

Distance and Location

The distance your RV needs to travel and the specific locations involved can influence the cost. Longer distances and remote destinations may result in higher shipping fees.

Distance and Location

The distance your RV needs to travel and the specific locations involved can influence the cost. Longer distances and remote destinations may result in higher shipping fees.

Shipping Method

There are different shipping methods available, including open-air transport and enclosed transport. Enclosed transport, which offers more protection, is typically more expensive.

RV Transport Quote: How Does It Work?

Getting an accurate RV Transport Quote is essential for budgeting and planning your move. AG Car Shipping makes it easy to obtain a quote for your RV transport needs.

RV Shipping Cost Factors

Visit the AG Car Shipping Website

Start by visiting the AG Car Shipping website and navigating to the recreational vehicle shipping section.

Fill Out the Quote Form

Fill out the recreational vehicle shipping quote form. Provide details about your RV, including its size, weight, and any special requirements.

Receive Your Quote

AG Car Shipping will promptly provide you with a detailed quote based on the information you provide. This quote will include all applicable fees and charges.

Consultation and Booking

Once you receive your quote, you can schedule a consultation with AG Car Shipping to discuss the logistics of your RV transport. Booking your transport is easy and convenient.

Why Choose AG Car Shipping for RV Transport?

AG Car Shipping is your reliable partner for recreational vehicle shipping. Here’s why you should consider us for your RV transport needs:

RV Shipping Cost Factors

Experience and Expertise

With years of experience in the transportation industry, AG Car Shipping has the expertise to handle recreational vehicle shipping with care and precision. Your RV is in safe hands.

Customized Solutions

Every RV is unique, and we understand that. We provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs, whether you have a compact camper or a luxury motorhome.

Nationwide Coverage

We provide RV Shipping Services across the nation, making it easy for you to transport your RV to your desired destination.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for RV transport. Our transparent quoting process ensures that you know exactly what to expect in terms of costs.

Excellent Customer Service

At AG Car Shipping, customer satisfaction is our priority. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you and answer your questions.


RV Shipping Insurance: Protecting Your Investment

Before entrusting your RV to a shipping company, consider the importance of insurance coverage. Here’s why it matters:

Understanding RV Shipping Insurance

AG Car Shipping offers comprehensive insurance options to safeguard your RV during transport. Understand the coverage limits, deductibles, and any additional insurance you might need.

Choosing the Right Coverage

AG Car Shipping provides various insurance options, including basic coverage and premium plans. Discuss your insurance needs with our team to select the right plan for your RV.

Assessing Your RV's Value

Determine the current market value of your RV. This information is crucial when selecting the appropriate insurance coverage. High-value RVs may require extra insurance protection.


Preparing Your RV for Shipping: Checklist and Tips

Properly preparing your RV for shipping is essential to ensure a smooth and damage-free transport experience. Follow these steps:

Clean Your RV

A clean RV makes it easier to spot any pre-existing damage and ensures a smooth inspection process.

Secure Loose Items

Ensure that all loose items inside the RV are properly secured to prevent shifting during transit.

Document the RV's Condition

Take photos of your RV’s exterior and interior to document its condition before shipping. This can be valuable in case of any disputes.

Remove Personal Items

Clear your RV of all personal items to prevent damage and reduce weight during transport.

Check for Leaks and Maintenance Issues

Inspect your RV for any leaks or maintenance issues. Address these concerns before shipping.

RV Shipping Timelines: Planning Ahead

Understanding the timeline for recreational vehicle shipping is crucial for a smooth transition to your new destination:

Booking in Advance

Plan your RV shipment well in advance, especially during peak seasons, to secure your preferred shipping dates.

Estimated Transit Times

AG Car Shipping will provide you with estimated transit times for your RV’s journey. Keep these in mind when planning your move.


Recreational vehicle shipping doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By understanding the cost factors, obtaining a quote from AG Car Shipping, and choosing an experienced recreational vehicle shipping company, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free transport experience for your RV.

In summary, when it comes to recreational vehicle shipping, trust AG Car Shipping for competitive pricing, expertise, and excellent customer service. Request a quote today and embark on your RV adventure with confidence.


  1. How much does recreational vehicle shipping cost on average?

Recreational vehicle shipping costs vary depending on factors like RV size, distance, and transport method. On average, you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $3,000 for a 1,000-mile journey with a mid-sized RV.

  1. Are there any hidden fees in Recreational Vehicle shipping?

Reputable recreational vehicle shipping companies, like AG Car Shipping, provide transparent quotes that include all applicable fees. Be sure to review your quote carefully and ask questions about any potential additional charges.

  1. How do I prepare my RV for shipping?

Preparing your RV for shipping involves cleaning it, removing personal items, securing loose items, checking for leaks, and documenting its condition. AG Car Shipping provides a detailed checklist to help you prepare effectively.

  1. Is RV shipping insurance necessary?

While not mandatory, recreational vehicle shipping insurance is highly recommended to protect your investment. AG Car Shipping offers insurance options tailored to your RV’s value and needs.

  1. Can I track the progress of my RV shipment?

Yes, AG Car Shipping provides tracking services that allow you to monitor your RV’s location and progress in real time. You’ll have peace of mind knowing where your RV is at all times.

  1. How far in advance should I book RV shipping services?

It’s advisable to book recreational vehicle shipping services as far in advance as possible, especially during peak seasons. This ensures you can secure your preferred shipping dates and avoid delays.

  1. What types of RVs can be shipped?

AG Car Shipping can transport various types of RVs, including motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and campers. We can accommodate a wide range of RV sizes and configurations.

  1. Are there any restrictions on Recreational Vehicle shipping destinations?

AG Car Shipping provides nationwide coverage, meaning we can transport your RV to most destinations within the United States. However, inquire about specific routes or remote areas to ensure feasibility.

In summary, when it comes to recreational vehicle shipping, trust AG Car Shipping for competitive pricing, expertise, and excellent customer service. Request a quote today and embark on your RV adventure with confidence.

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