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Transport of a car vs towing a car: Do you want to know?

Vehicle transport is a broader term because it is not only what you are transporting or where it comes from or goes to. This is important than you might think because it impacts how you transport your vehicle.

In this article, we are going to tell you the difference between towing a car vs. vehicle transport. So, you can make the right decision at the time of shipping.

An overview of transport a car vs. towing a car

Both transport and towing a car means to move your vehicle from one place to another without driving it. But this is not enough.

Vehicle transportation involves a transport company that will then hire a carrier for the transport of your vehicle from your pick up to deliver location, load, and unload your vehicle. Carriers come in different sizes and shapes.

When you tow a car, you are calling a local company to come and hook your vehicle up to a tow truck. Usually, tow trucks are reserved for broken cars or for those who do not move under their power.

Tow services are used when you move your car to a short distance. But Vehicle transport services are used when you move your car across the country.

More about towing a car

As we mention above, towing a car is a local service when you want to move your car to a short distance. The distance is 1 to 3 hours. Towing services are always cheaper than vehicle transportation services because the distance is short as compared to shipping.

If you want to ship your car within a city then towing services are better for you.

When you should have to take towing services

When you want to move your vehicle 100 miles from the pick-up location, towing your vehicle is a better option for you.

Sometimes towing services are also helpful to running a car. This will happen when you are relocating within a city or country and cannot drive your vehicle. A tow company will come in, move your vehicle, and while you handle other things regarding moving your vehicle.

For these kinds of shipments, we suggest that you drive your car yourself if you can. Towing services are usually used for broken cars or for those who can not move under their power. Just remember that towing a car is best for a short distance and shipping is best for a long distance.

About vehicle transport

Transport your car, though, is a much different thing. While it is the same as towing in that you are moving your car on a truck. But the services provided by the vehicle transport company is much different than the tow company.

Vehicle transporters focus on nationwide transportation. They are useful for people who want to transport their vehicles across the country.

Vehicle transport services are often used by those people who want to transport their vehicle from one state to another. This is also useful when you buy a car online from another city or state and need it to deliver to your door safely.

A lot of people use vehicle transport services. Whether they shift from one state to another or buy a car online, vehicle transport services are better for them.

When you should have to take vehicle transport services

You should use vehicle transport services while you are moving your vehicle to a long distance. To move your vehicle to a long-distance, vehicle transportation is better and cheaper for you.

With a tow truck, it’s just your vehicle, the driver will charge more for his time or services. But with the vehicle transport company, this cost is split into different customers. So, vehicle transport services are cheaper.

Tow companies do not have this luxury, since they only move one vehicle at a time. But vehicle transport companies can move more than one vehicle at a time.

This is also a reason that why you should use towing services for a short distance. Nationwide carriers depend on vehicle transport brokers who fill their trucks, and brokers take their fee for this service. But for towing a car you call the driver of the truck directly. So, vehicle transport brokers are the ones who move your car for a long distance.

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