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Tips for classic car shipping

For reliable classic car shipping, you should know some facts that help in safe shipping.

These tips will help you to get reliable and safe classic car shipping. Now we explain these points one by one in detail.

Why we need special care for classic car transport

Classic cars have an economic worth for their owner. If they are damaged, the price of the car gets low. Repairing a classic car with original parts can also be expensive or high cost. Using new parts for repair can also reduce the price of a vehicle. So, when you need classic car transport, you should consider these facts.

Need special attention for classical car shipping

Choose the best classic car transport companies

Choose the best classical car transport companies

For vintage car transport, you should need to choose one of the best classic car transport companies. You will get safe and secure classic car shipping with one of the best antique car movers. They have a good experience of moving an antique car from one place to another. Their skillful drivers know how to load your antique vehicle into the truck and deliver safely. So, you do not rely on the price only but also need to choose the best classic car mover for your antique car.

Transportation type for classical car shipping

Transportation is also a prime factor in getting safe and reliable classical auto shipping. Classic car carriers are the best option to move your antique car from point A to B. Classic car carriers have better skills and knowledge that help in getting dependable classical car transport. They have all the tools like nylon straps and wheels nets for the defended shipping of your antique car. So, classical car carriers are the best option for your dependable classical car shipping.

Transport type for classical car shipping

Prepare your antique vehicle for shipping:

Prepare your antique car for classical car shipping.

When you book a transportation order with one of the best classical car transport companies, you have a lot of time to ready your car for the move. In preparation, you should follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, you should clean your antique car properly. It will help you to inspect your vehicle correctly. After this, you can show all the things properly to your truck driver.
  2. Give all the operating instructions of your antique car to your classical car carrier. It will help your truck driver while they load or unload your vehicle.
  3. Be sure that your vintage car only has a half tank of fuel and the battery also be charged. It will help you in saving from extra costs.
  4. Remove all the household items from your vintage car. It will also help you in saving from extra costs.

Inspect your vehicle on the day of pick-up

You should again inspect your antique car with your dispatch trucker on the day of pick-up. This inspection will help you and your truck driver with all the existing damages. The truck driver will note down all the damages that both of you see at inspection time. Also, you need to get the contact number of your truck dispatcher on the pick-up day. After this, you can say goodbye to your truck driver, and the rest leave on them.

Inspect your vehicle before classical car shipping

Classical car shipping with us

For reliable classical car shipping, Ag Car Shipping is the best option. Our experienced staff of transportation has a good experience in classical car transport. Our dependable classical car carriers always provide safe and secure classical car shipping to our clients. The five-star ratings of our clients and our best classical car transport services make us one of the best classical car movers in the United States.

If you are interested in classical car transport, request a free classical Car Shipping Quote. Book your order now with Ag Car Shipping. Our professional staff is 24/7 available for you. In case of any query, you can call us at our toll-free number +1 (800) 706-5914 and get assistance from one of our experts.

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